For whom and for what purpose?

This workshop is basically suitable for everyone. You don’t have to be particularly spiritual, and practiced in meditation, just as you don’t have to be completely blocked or overworked and stressed out to participate. The exercises and techniques in this workshop are meant to be applied in everyday life. The goal is to go home with a nifty toolbox from which you can draw the rest of your life, when necessary / if needed.

It will give you a ‘handhold’, at the times that you feel life is running away from you, or when you think you need a lifebelt to cling to because you are afraid of losing control. Maybe to discover that, in fact, letting go may give more pleasure and peace than holding on. You will learn to look differently at life in general and your own life in particular.

To gain a new perspective. Discover what suits the real you, how to get the most out of yourself without alienating your loved ones, and within your limitations. Learn to lay responsibility where it belongs, which sometimes means with yourself, but sometimes this means that we can stop worrying about behaviour and actions that fall under the responsibility of someone else.

The ultimate goal is to maintain as balanced, harmonious and equanimous a feeling as possible, whatever happens or comes your way.

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